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Welcome ~ I’m thrilled you are here!!

la_150I don’t know about you, but I think 2017 is turning out to be an awesome year.

Awesome can take on many forms … and sometimes it shows up disguised as opportunities to  .. stop, look and rethink what you are doing with yourself.  Now, that doesn’t have to be as scary as it might sound. We live in some very exciting times and our world is rapidly changing … the really cool part about that is .. if you don’t like what’s happening now .. hang on for a few minutes .. because it WILL change!

We are all learning how to show up authentically right now. When I first heard that, I have to admit it was scary. Because showing up authentically, meant that I could no longer hide parts of me. That for me to show up for you, I had to first show up for me. That meant I had to walk my path and my truth publicly, daily and in all ways.

Learning how to be the best we can be, how to live our most passionate life, how to step onto our soul’s sacred path, how to be truthful and honest and loving to ourselves and how to step up and become fully integrated is to live a life with intention, purpose and compassion.

YOU are important! YOU are part of the whole and without YOU, this world would not be whole!

The burning question is are YOU showing up with all of you,
doing your part completely with compassion, passion and love?

I know how scary that can be … to show up fully … warts and all … to step into a new arena and feel like you are totally naked.

If I can do it, I know you can too!! All it takes is the willingness to show up every day, do the best that you can that day, one baby step at a time.

We each walk a unique path and we are each one of a kind … Are you ready to shine your uniqueness that only you can do?  If so, then let’s shine together.

Let’s laugh together, do that thing that we all do and help remind each other why we are here … now … at this time space reality on this wonderful planet.

Let’s have fun with life… let’s enjoy the mess and make some cool memories …

So what will you find on this site?

Blogs  – I call them Leslie’s Pearls and include a variety of topics … whatever I find interesting and exciting to share with you.

Classes, Courses and Workshops – I offer them in many format and at different times. You will find on line, audio and video classes, in-person workshops, and intensives.

Webinars – I have 2 that are monthly series, Conversations with Leslie and It’s Your Journey Conversations.  I also do a Business Fundamentals Webinar when I have students asking me for it.

Cellular Quantics ©– This modality was given to me by spirit and continues to unfold. I receive new downloads quite often as the energy changes and it just keeps getting better and better. This work is very subtle, works at the atomic cellular level where I scramble and neutralize negative patterns and transforming them into positive uplifting patterns.

Burning Questions – This is where you can ask me questions on most anything. I can’t promise I will always be able to personally respond, but I will do my best and I will always answer your questions in the monthly newsletters or Conversations with Leslie webinars.

My Store – This is where you will find my MP3, videos, clearing spritzers, workbooks, books

My Favorites – This is where you will find my favorite book and video recommendations. Some I am an affiliate for, some I am not.

Become a Member – I wasn’t sure I was really going to do this… but my current clients and friends begged me to, so here it is. I offer 5 levels of Membership Packages, all designed to save YOU money.

Enjoy exploring the site … and check back often as I am revamping it weekly as I show up completely.

Until we talk, hugs, great love and much appreciation, Leslie

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